Women and Lists Re: Solidarity & "Humanitarian" Imperialism (was Re: Yoshie's dearth of female contributors)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Mar 19 10:22:23 PST 2000


>Please read the entire subject line. It tells a tale. We (marxism, lbo,
>pen-l, and L-I) simply cannot keep a thread on women going. Humanitarian
>Imperialism is a vital subject, and I've had much to say about it in the
>past and will in the future. But I think the quick mutarion into
>something else of threads on women is a pretty good synecdoche for
>the status on the left (in practice and theory) of the "woman question."

I got serious replies from Nestor & Tahir that are squarely focused on gender on Leninist-International; I appreciated Marta's response as well, for I'm interested in linking struggles to abolish gender oppression with struggles for disability rights. But other than those, the topic indeed generated little interest & responses led to something else. Well, maybe we can keep discussion going on Leninist-International.


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