Women and Lists Re: Solidarity & "Humanitarian" Imperialism (was Re: Yoshie's dearthoffemale contributors)

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Sun Mar 19 09:53:38 PST 2000

Please read the entire subject line. It tells a tale. We (marxism, lbo, pen-l, and L-I) simply cannot keep a thread on women going. Humanitarian Imperialism is a vital subject, and I've had much to say about it in the past and will in the future. But I think the quick mutation into something else of threads on women is a pretty good synecdoche for the status on the left (in practice and theory) of the "woman question." Carrol

Is there some place where women keep such threads going? It doesn't seem to be FEMECON-L, which was barely alive when I was last there.

There are probably various ways male behavior on these lists could be improved, but I have to wonder how relevant that is.

For instance, there's a list for african-economists. It has almost no political discussion, and not much traffic in general. Mostly professional stuff and a smattering of academic questions.

I have to think this all speaks to the narrow appeal in the sort of politics or 'discourse' that goes on here. I happen to enjoy it myself, but I'm odd. And so are most of you.


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