Solidarity & "Humanitarian" Imperialism (was Re: Yoshie's dearthoffemal...

kelley kwalker2 at
Sun Mar 19 17:27:12 PST 2000

At 11:54 AM 3/19/00 -0500, you wrote:
>kelley wrote:

>I appreciate reading about folks' personal involvement in activism, but
>you've written about this one bit of activism you were involved with years
>ago at least a dozen times, and reading about it grows wearisome.

three separate incidents, actually. plant closing leg--early 1980s. nursing home stuff late 80s and landis plastics 1997. and i've written about abortion rights activism as well as about gulf war, anti nuke dump and anti plant closing around smith corona and rubber maid. i have mainly written about the latter in conjunction with work i published. please pay attention: it's all about me me me and you should know by now that whatever i have to say is simply riveting, frances.

how's the labor organizing going? and the fashion sense, has it improved?


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