Hillary v. Rudy

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Thu Mar 23 09:23:27 PST 2000

[Thought I'd share the following posting, which I just noticed on the NY Times web site "forum" for public reactions to the shooting of Patrick Dorismond in an NYPD drug-related entrapment scheme.]

dperrin5 - 11:18am Mar 23, 2000 EST (#10302 of 10304)

I find it amusing, but not terribly surprising, to see so many "conservatives" (you know, the one's who want gov'ment off their backs?) defend police violence as perfectly acceptable, and in general take a police state stance viz the Holy War on Drugs. Never mind that said War is an assault on the Fourth Amendment (what remains of it anyway); so long as the nigras are kept in their hovels and out of the light of day, at gunpoint if necessary, then the cops are doing a fine job and Savior Rudy is maintaining the city's "quality of life."

Of course, Hillary is no answer. Indeed, she shares many of Giuliani's political positions, like the death penalty and, yes, the Holy War itself. (In fact her husband has done much to prop up the police state powers of authorities nationwide, as has the Supreme Court, but this is another matter.)

As for the liberal "hatred" of Giuliani, there really isn't any, given that most white libs voted for him in 1997 (remember that in 1993, RG squeaked past Dinkins, put over the top by Staten Island, which made noises that year about wanting to secede from the city; if only!). And if these same white libs turn to Hillary this fall, they will be voting for more or less the same policies that are favored by Giuliani. This is not a political contest: It is a battle of egos and personalities.



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