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Thu Mar 23 11:56:14 PST 2000

Michael Pugliese wrote:

I'd assume that the bio by a Daniel Burston,
> published by Harvard Univ. Press, a few yrs. ago on Laing, would go into
> this.

Yep, good book. Argues that Laing was something of a huckster, adapting to intellectual fashions to make money and fame, sorta like Rifkin. A drunk and an all around asshole.

> His early works, like Sanity, Madness and the Family, are still worth
> reading, but methinks, fame tweaked Ronald a bit.

Yes, Divided Self is good too. His paper in the Dialectics of Liberation is interesting. Two good discussions of Laing (and two fine works of Marxist micro-politics) are Peter Sedgwick *Psycho-Politics* and Andrew Collier *R.D. Laing.*

Sam P

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