Sweeney bashing

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newman wrote:

>One of the tropes of Sweeney-bashing around the trade issue is the claim
that the unions only target foreign countries and non-US labor abuses. Which is just flat out wrong and makes the arguments associated with such arguments pretty suspect.

Dream on. ICEM does great work but it is not the AFL. Same with HERE, which has indeed done extraordinary work overseas. Same with the USWA, UAW. Its not Sweeney bashing to say his AFL has not incorporated organizing into its international programs (which are still funded by the State Dept). Ask them yourself. Or better yet, name me an overseas or US corporate target the AFL has gone after in recent years - not a campaign it got pulled into kicking and screaming, but something that had substance and a specific agenda of benefiting workers. And don't count UPS, that was the Teamsters.

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