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True, Manitoba is uniquely cold even for it's lattitude, and Canada has no consistent weather pattern. As an old roomate used to put it, Canada doesn't have weather, Canada is where weather comes from.

However, having spent a fair amount of time in Winterpeg (heck, I even used to work for Sue Thompson before she was mayor) I beg to differ about Manitoba winters being "fine." They are miserable. I gather the last few years have been remarkably light (go global warming go!) but my childhood memories of Manitoba winters still give me the chills. :^)

As much I hate living in Calfornia, San Jose gets full points for excellent weather. I can bike to work in March, and it never, ever snows. (Of course, if it ever did snow here, it would just make the traffic intolerable.)

Richard Desjardins (Quebeco-Canadian folk singer) did a song once about how nice it would be if only Jacques Cartier had sailed to Florida instead of up the St. Lawrence. As an ex-Winnpeger, I can sympathise.

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Canada's weather? There is no such thing. It is several thousands of miles east and west and a couple north. In coastal BC it rarely freezes and in the High Arctic it rarely thaws.

Winnipeg winters are fine. Cold but with lots of sunshine, skiing, skating, and snowmobiling and ice fishing. A few days a year Winnipeg even has fog so Londoners would be right at home. Only the decadent fly south with their expensive supplemental health insurance.

Cheers, Ken Hanly

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