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Tue Mar 28 10:12:27 PST 2000

[from Gallup's weekly update]

One in Five Americans Unaware That Either Bush or Gore Is a Likely Presidential Nominee

3/22/00 -- While Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore have clinched the number of delegates needed to win their respective party's nomination, a new Gallup poll shows that about one in five Americans seem generally unaware of the presidential candidates. Two-thirds of all Americans can name both Bush and Gore as their respective party's likely presidential nominees, but about 25% cannot name Bush and 28% cannot name Gore. Overall, 20% cannot name either candidate, including a third of young Americans aged 18-29.

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Americans Lean Toward Trade Pact With China

3/23/00 -- By a 48% to 38% margin, Americans support the agreement that would allow China to join the World Trade Organization. Still, Americans have mostly an unfavorable view of the communist country, think of its relationship with the United States mostly as unfriendly, and -- because of nuclear weapons -- consider China to be a potentially serious threat to both the United States and world peace. On the other hand, if China were to attack Taiwan, Americans would oppose defending the island by a margin of 52% to 37%.

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