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Ahem . . . nit-picking.

Every movement uses convenient abbreviations and buzzwords.


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>Call this a stretch, or call me a fuddy-duddy Frankfurtian, but are
>any of you annoyed by the "movement" designating the events in Seattle
>"N30" and the to-be-events in Washington D.C. "A16" and the to-be-events
>in Los Angeles "D2K" ?
>Despite what the discursive-determinists would have us believe, there _is_
>"something beyond the text" -- yet, I cringe everytime I see the left
>adopt the linguistic style of the late capitalists. And the linguistic
>style of the late capitalists is acronym buzz-words which short-circuit
>critical thought. Stewart Ewen showed in _All-Consuming Images_ how
>representations of corporate capitalist identity -- i.e. logos and company
>names -- have become increasingly abstract in the age of information
>technology, microchips, and so forth -- from "National Cash Register" to
>"NCR," U.S. Steel to "USX," and all that. Or do "N30," "A16," and "D2K"
>simply reflect the fact that the "movement" is becoming "as radical as
>reality itself" and turning the code of late capital against itself ?
>Or am I just nit-picking or hallucinating ?
>John Gulick
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