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Tue Mar 28 20:38:07 PST 2000

John wrote:

> >Call this a stretch, or call me a fuddy-duddy Frankfurtian, but are
> >any of you annoyed by the "movement" designating the events in Seattle
> >"N30" and the to-be-events in Washington D.C. "A16" and the to-be-events
> >in Los Angeles "D2K" ?

No. Designating movements and actions by dates is also something my parents are familiar with; so, it doesn't register to me as anything strange or even particularly new, and hardly annoying. What are the other conventions? Place? I prefer 'N30' to 'Seattle', for the simple reason that it wasn't just Seattle; like J18 wasn't just London. Slogan/Issue? The slogan 'Our resistance will be as transnational as capital', which has made a good appearance, and which I like a lot -- but there seems to be a reluctance in some quarters to the strategic imperative and figuration it asserts. But the date tag has an important dimension: it links without prescribing, the content of the movement is determined by movement, it stops and gathers and pushes on particular dates, countless debates are thrown up and are a part of it, it's possessed by no one place or organisation. Can't see much wrong with that.

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