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Tom Lehman TLehman at
Tue Mar 28 20:20:11 PST 2000

I'm involved in a local political issue where the USWA is attempting to support/get a ban on the use of beryllium in manufacturing processes, including the storage of beryllium in the city of Lorain, Ohio.

A couple of years ago the Brush Wellman Corp. got a nice tax abatement and other goodies to construct a bronze foundry in an industrial park located in Lorain.

The problem is that Brush Wellman will not promise the city that they will not use beryllium in the future in Lorain. Back in the 1940's Brush Wellman then called Brush Beryllium poisoned it workers, their families and the residents of Lorain both before and after a fire at their Lorain plant.

I am looking for a model municipal ordinance that prohibits the use in manufacturing processes of beryllium, the storage of beryllium or even the transport thru a municipality of beryllium.

Beryllium, is so deadly that even an amount as small as a dot made by a pencil point will kill you if you breathe it into your lungs. It is a slow and agonizing death!

Or, if you know of a plutonium ordinance that would be helpful too as a model.

Tom Lehman

My work e-mail is USWA12 at

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