Angela Davis & Johnny Cash

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Mar 28 20:21:04 PST 2000

"Max B. Sawicky" wrote:

> I've got to ask, what did Johnny Cash say or sing
> in this regard?
> I know he played at Folsom Prison, but I don't recall
> hearing anything about the prison-industrial complex.

It's been thirty years & I don't remember the exact words -- but he also sang at San Quentin, and he wrote and sang a song entitled, I believe, "San Quentin." It contains a fairly blunt statement to the effect that San Quentin has never done any good, period.

I think you could make a pretty good case that the abolition of prisons -- or at least the turning of them into the resorts that conservatives think they are and making about 10 years the max sentence (even for murder) -- would decrease the crime rate.

Reserve life sentences for CEOs and Democratic presidents.


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