don't trust the census

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Wed Mar 29 08:05:36 PST 2000

Jim Westrich wrote:
(For purposes of full disclosure, I work at MISER which houses the state data center for Massachusetts--the official state arm of the U. S. Census Bureau)

The nastiest thing Census information is used for is all the franchise planning and marketing strategy. And they would just use less accurate and more invasive techniques to determine how many Starbuck per square inch your neighborhood can accomodate if they did not have the Census. Not surprising that a libertarian site would ignore the most important private abuses to exaggerate government ones. ----------

yah -- i flamed the person who sent it to me when i tried to explain that the *census* itself isn't the cause of problems. he sent me to the site. i then told him that it was pathetic for the LP to whine about the gubming evicting the poor when, in fucking fact, no one would be evicted were it not for the godamned codes created for the purposes of maintaining property values and/or making people live where the property owners think they should live: preferably in as many single family units as possible. i was mostly interested in the bit about japanese internment camps--i was unaware that we'd used census data



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