LBO-Talk = the W.W.F.? (was Re: Spreading rumors)

Carl Remick carlremick at
Sun Oct 1 12:40:46 PDT 2000

>Carl Remick wrote:
>>But I don't see any way of downloading the lofty insights of this
>>imperious level of discourse into the domain of "duh people,"
>I think this sort of attitude underestimates "duh people," and
>misjudges even people on this list. It takes a lot of work by highly
>paid media and political professionals to keep the masses under- and

Highly paid? Yes. Creative? No. I've said it before and I'll say it again: A vast amount of corporate PR doesn't seem especially clever. I always think, for example, of the Harry-and-Louise campaign that helped wreck Clinton's national healthcare proposal as being not much more sophisticated than "four legs good, two legs bad."

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