blocking the Dick Armey

Daniel Davies d_squared_2002 at
Mon Oct 2 23:41:56 PDT 2000

---- Joanna Sheldon <cjs10 at> wrote: > Speaking of which, has anyone downloaded the new
> version of Eudora?
> (V.5). The mailboxes now contain an extra column
> that allows the program
> to label the "mood" of the writer (the software is
> called moodwatch) by
> associating little red chili peppers with the
> message. Soft, friendly
> exchanges between my friends and me Eudora has
> sometimes bitchily slapped
> with two red chilies;

sighhhhh .... I remember the good old days of the Flemings censorbot. O tempura, O more, as they say down at the sushi bar these days.

the white paper describing the moodwatch technology is at , and a real laff riot it is too. Perhaps contains evidence of what we're going to do with all those English PhDs when everyone has to be a "hacker" cos Matt said so. They're going to hang around all day writing papers about swear words. In which case, sign me up for the program. And I want this guy as my tutor


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