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John Madziarczyk madziarczyk at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 3 02:44:51 PDT 2000

I'd like to jump in here on the side of Nader. I haven't had any contact with any PIRGs but I do know that in a little flier that the Monthly Review sent me asking for donations they featured quotes from Nader saying that working within the system isn't good enough anymore because things have gotten so bad and that now structural change is necessary. It follows with an explanation by Nader pinning his willingness to work within the system all these years to the pragmatic non-theoretical no-nonsense atmosphere he grew up with in the fifties and I suppose late forties. So Nader is for change and isn't just looking to strenghten his position. But let me ask you, since you obviously think that a candidate can get into office without being on 'establishment' debates and 'establishment' T.V. and maybe even, although you don't say it, being courted by the rest of the 'establishment' media how in the world do you think that any candidate could possibly get his or her point across? Maybe we should say that elections are 'establishment' as well and instead of having parties try to have a massive write in campaign. I wonder, do you actually think that a person can run for president and NOT have himself be pictured as a leader? Should everyone who runs just be wishy-washy moderates that don't have any leadership skills or people skills of any sort? And tell me again how this person is supposed to get into office. Nader is a personality, that's why the Greens selected him, and that's why, unlike McReynolds, Nader even get's his name in the paper. Again, is that a bad thing, or is he just selling out to the bourgeous press? Should all of the Nader volunteers just stand around, smoking abandoningly, and say 'this Nader guy, what's so big about him, should we even bother volunteering' instead of commiting the sin of thinking that the guy they're working for has made some important contributions? As for this deal about respecting people who vote Democratic, I'll be polite and say Rome wasn't built in a day. You don't seem to realize that political parties have to have a start some place and that they take a while before they actually get a lot of support. But then your supporting McReynolds, whose org only has five hundred members so you should know something about this right? Unless you believe that the only valid new political party has to come through some sort of mass uprising of what's left of the industrial proletariat and instead of the revolution there'll be the........party........my point is generally self evident. I respect people who vote Democratic too, that doesn't mean they're right. Oh what a field day I could have with your self righteous claim to be a union organizer and so one with the 'people'...

John madziarczyk

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