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Some news reports over the last several weeks have incorrectly characterized a recent random price test as a test based on customer demographic information. These reports were incorrect and were not based on the facts.

Contrary to these reports, varied the discount levels on a select number of items on a completely random basis--that is, without respect to customer demographic information, purchase history or any other information.

We now believe that even that random test was a mistake, because it increases customer uncertainty and thus complicates our customers' lives. As a result, we have since changed our policy so that if we conduct any random price tests in the future, we will automatically give customers who purchased a test item the lowest test price for that product at the conclusion of the test period, thereby ensuring that all customers pay the lowest available price.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us about this issue.

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>I won't be buying from Amazon until you terminate
>your tricky 'dynamic pricing' policy.

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