Yugoslavia: what the media is hiding (The Guardian)

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<< 'm afraid the Yugoslav model of market socialism & federalism, *in

the course of devolution*, themselves laid the material and

ideological grounds for the dissolution of Yugoslavia, as much as the

IMF's SAPs, Western imperial geopolitics (especially the USA &

Germany), NATO bombings, assorted nationalists on all sides, etc.

did. >>

Well, I never said I supported Titoist politics: he was pretty orthodox a Stalinist on the National Question, and the federalsim solution advocated by Marxism-Leninism is conducive to breakup in both planning and market systems, as we see in the former Soviet Union. Be that as it may. I still it is pretty eich to attack me for defending the markets socialist core of the former Yugoslav model, and then to defend its executioner, Milosovic, as a proponent of socialsm. Taht and not the merits of specific details of Yugoslavia's former arargngemenst is the issue. --jks

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