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Never mind, I apologized for being so cranky already. Now the rumor itself is a story.

Incidently, Lynn Cheney showed up to speak at the recent Christian Coalition meeting in DC, no Dick (sorry for the pun, it just came out that way while typing and I couldn't resist), and Bush appeared on videotape. No, really.

Many of the speakers said this was the most important presidential election in their lifetime because of who would get to appoint Supreme Court Justices, especially on the issue of abortion. It was clear that they thought the Bush/Cheney ticket would do everything possible to restrict and then ban abortion.

Ultraconservative activist Morton Blackwell told a workshop that when he was at the Republican convention, the people who currently ran the Republican party told him, and other leaders of the Christian Right, to shut up, stay out of sight, and not even raise issues from the floor for debate. The implication was that if they did that, they would get a pay back on some of their social issue concerns.

Now there is the real Cheney story...why he was picked for the VP slot. He is the collateral on the image loan. Foreign policy? Bush guru C. Rice can do that in her sleep. Cheney is a payback to the Christian Right to remain loyal to the Republicans and not switch to Buchahan. There was little interest in Buchanan when he showed up and gave a speech at the same hotel as the CC meeting (he was not invited to speak on the program!).

-Chip Berlet

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