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Jim heartfield jim at heartfield.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 8 02:27:59 PDT 2000

In message <3d.1e2cb19.27113aa5 at aol.com>, LeoCasey at aol.com writes
>The Heartfield-Yoshie tag team:

>When you are alibi-ing, you have to get your stories together.

In Leo's paranoid delusional state, the fact that Yoshie did not agree with him meant that she was in collusion with me. Well, I have nothing but respect for the Yoshie I know through her eloquent postings on this list, but we have never met, nor collaborated, nor colluded in any way.

If Yoshie and I disagree, Leo sees this as a failure of collaboration that exists entirely in his own imagination.

Leo does at one point quote what I do say, for which I am grateful, since it is exactly what I mean.

><< There is no rational defence to be made of the tinpot nationalist Slobodan
>Milosovic, nor for ethnic slaughter in Rwanda. In fact, nobody that I am
>aware of has made any such case. I certainly haven't.
>It is only Leo's poisonous caricature that anyone who dissents from the view
>that the West must intervene across the globe is, therefore, necessarily a
>supporter of repressive regimes in the third world. >>

But then, arbitrarily adds

>Hey, guys: let's get your stories straight.

But despite Leo's double vision, I am only one person. I guess he means that something Yoshie posted is contradictory to the above. Well, life is like that, people have different views, something Leo finds a bit difficult to cope with.

Then this flight of fantasy

>Now I thought that the latest incarnation of Heartfield's thesis

And everything that follows is simply the argument that Leo would prefer to answer than the one I put. Well, fine, if you want to have your own little fantasy Heartfield who always says easily refuted things, your welcome to him. It's just got nothing to do with me. -- James Heartfield

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