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Marco Anglesio mpa at
Mon Oct 9 21:29:03 PDT 2000

Over the past weekend, I've had the distinct displeasure of dealing with tech support for my broadband provider. Fortunately, that was quickly resolved. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of this weekend's amusement.

It seems that a posting on LBO-talk duplicated an opinion piece which was copywrited. Not a big deal in my opinion (the net runs on copyright violation), but the author was of a different opinion. Back in August or September, he sent annoying mail to Doug and in turn I got it, dealt with it, and it was over. Or so we thought.

Recently he also sent, the organization that provides domain name service, to my machine, and asked that it be cancelled for "abuse". It was ( can't afford to be sued by every crank that comes along) and since Friday I've been trying to get in touch with someone at DHS who had the authority to reinstate my account.

I was successful today and I assume that DHS will be reinstating tomorrow. In the meantime, try if you have to use the archive. (Or, but that's a bit awkward).

To avoid this in the future, keep principles of fair use in mind. Use URLs when possible. And keep away from ruffling the inflated egos of libertarian blowhards :).



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