Bear market? (who knows?)

Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Oct 11 08:33:06 PDT 2000

G'day Norman,

>as for investing per our precocious Australian's revolutionary market cycle
>theory, keep in mind that those folks look at everything upside down.

Would that it were so, mate! I've just taken a peek at that Yahoo! site of yours and this morning's trading would look a lot nicer upside down. I see the new economy is leading the way ... IBM, Intel, Nokia and Ericcson are copping it and Lucent has just followed the example set by Intel, Dell, and Apple and projected a significant profit plunge - oh, and I see and Merrill-Lynch has just informed our site proprietor that it 'could have a tough time going forward' (Yahoo's answer to that is that they're now a 'strong buy' ... ). Finance (led by (JPM) is teetering nicely, and punters aren't sure the fabled American consumer is gonna keep on keeping on; retail's heading south for the winter, too.

Tokyo's at an 18-month low. The Poms are nervous, too (I think their international football team is sapping their morale).

It's all a bit like the week leading up to 101987 so far ...

Good thing we're bound to get up to 36000 after this hiccough, eh?

Cheers, Rob.

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