"Exercise Found Effective Against Depression"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Oct 11 16:00:50 PDT 2000

One further note.

If supposedly well educated people with no medical training were wrting letters and spreading information to the effect that peach pits were a better treatment for cancer than any of the conventional treatments, and if cancer patients were believing that and dying as a result, it would be hard to forgive these people.

There are lots of things in which ignorance is excusable. There are many things in which ignorance accompanied by claim to knowledge is excusable. Medical treatment is not one of those 'things." Those who spread fear about the treatment of cancer or depression are simply criminals. There is no excuse for speaking ignorance in this case. I know too many people who have suffered for too many years because they have been persuaded by people like Reese and Catherine that they should avoid professional treatment. Reese and Catherine, if they have spread their nonsense in other areas than lbo have almost certainly been personally responsible for real human misery.

There is no reason that anyone should know much about depression. There is every reason why those who don't know much about medicine should avoid poisoning the ill with their ignorance.


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