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Brad de Long wrote

>Well, it *is* the only democracy in the region, and when you compare
>even a Binyamin Netanyahu to a Hafez Assad there does seem to be a
>very clear difference. More important, however, is that a lot of
>American Jews care enough about Israel to make it them single-issue
>voters, and a lot of non-Jews feel responsible for the failure of the
>U.S. to have prevented the extermination of half the world's Jews
>between 1941 and 1945...

Sorry, but Israel cannot be defined as a democracy, since it denies citizenship rights to more than 25% of its inhabitants (Arafat and his ANP are no more than a bantustan government) and lacks a civil code, so inter religion mariage is not recognized. This creates effective segregation between arabs and Jews. I think Israel is much more similar to former South Africa, than to Western burgueoise democracies.The only diference is that in Israel the opressors are majority. Btw: South Africa also had "democratic institutions" (only for whites)

Alexandre Fenelon

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