Obviously (what's the Left problem with GM food?)

Joanna Sheldon cjs10 at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 20 12:00:33 PDT 2000

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>Joanna Sheldon wrote:
>>>Nonsense. "Advancements" like terminator gene technology would greatly
>>>intensify capitalists' control of the food chain.
>>Yes. And terminator gene aside, the continual contamination of non-GM
>>fields with GM crops:brings up the question of control. Check out this
>>lawsuit in Saskatchewan, Canada:
>So what are we opposed to? GM itself, or capitalist pig control of the
>food supply? Why not call for liberating science from the clutches of
>capital, instead of denouncing the technology itself?

I'm opposed to both. Science would definitely have more of a chance of being in the interests of the people if it were liberated from the clutches of capitalism. Probably the major reason I don't trust GM foods is because the science that's been done on genetic modification is so obviously performed in the interests of capital and capital alone. Beyond that, it makes sense to be suspicious of genetic tampering because there is no guarantee GM foods will not have a negative impact on the ecology (whose health we all depend on for survival) by affecting animal and plant life all over the world in ways we can't yet anticipate.

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