"Heterosexual Marriage"!

kcwalker at syr.edu kcwalker at syr.edu
Sat Oct 21 09:09:14 PDT 2000

dreamdate ken writes:

> > >As for the eroticization of power, I suspect as long as human
> > >beings are passionate beings, power will always be eroticized in one
> form or
> > >another.

yoshie lashes back with:

> > Why? Will rape be always "sexy" -- a material of fantasy for some
> > as it is now?

carrol typeth:
>It is probably worth noting that even *now* such fantasy material is
>necessary, or
>most useful, in the *absence* of actual sexual activity.

oh geez carrol! fantasy isn't a substitute for physical sex, but a large part of what physical sex is about.

ken will want to quote zizek on how there is no sexual relationship--on how cybersex IS sex and the distinction between *real* sex and *fantasy* sex enabled by computer technologies is a longing for a state of nature that just doesn't exist. sumpin like that, anyway. too lazy to go get the zizek reader and look it up! :)

rotflmao off: sears roebuck ribbed spreads and dark pine paneling.... heh. heh. heh.


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