Nader gets a serious endorsement...

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This should take a bite out of Bush in Texas and the West...

Press Release October 20, 2000 CONTACT: Jake Lewis or Stacy Malkan (202) 265-4000


DALLAS, TEXAS – Three former leaders of the Reform Party of Texas endorsed Ralph Nader here Wednesday, saying Nader’s goals are closer to those of the original Reform Party than party nominee Pat Buchanan.

“Ralph Nader represents the best hope for the working men and women in America,” said Paul Truax, co-founder of the Reform Party of Texas and former executive committee member. Former Reform Party of Texas state chair Lee Pepper and former Tarrant County Reform chair Sandy Madison also officially endorsed Nader.

"The true winner this year of the independent voter is Ralph Nader. Perot, Ventura and McCain supporters identify with the Nader candidacy and we are doing everything possible to convert that into votes for Ralph," Pepper said on NBC Nightly News. Pepper, who recently hosted a Dallas fundraiser for Nader, said there has been a surge of former Reform and Perot activists in the Nader campaign.

Madison said a vote for Nader represents, "Texans' one true opportunity to send a message for campaign finance reform.”

Later in the day, Nader spoke to an overflow crowd of more than 5,000 at a high-energy rally at the Tony Berger Center in Austin, Texas. The visit came on the heels of a series of Nader "super rallies" held in cities across the U.S. that have drawn crowds of 10-12,000 people, demonstrating the growing grassroots support for Nader. More than 15,000 people attended a sold-out Nader rally at Madison Square Garden in New York on Oct. 13.

Nader also stopped in San Antonio and Houston as part of his two-day Texas swing – on his “Don’t Waste Your Vote Tour,” during which Nader is

offering voters in Texas and California a long list of reasons why a vote for the Green Party is not wasted, but is an investment in social change and the strength of American democracy.

The Green Party presidential candidate has raised more than $5 million with an average donation of less than $100, and does not accept PAC money or raise soft money contributions. The Nader/LaDuke ticket is

on the ballot in 44 states.

-- Stacy Malkan Assistant Press Secretary Nader 2000 Campaign 202.265.4000 ext. 42 202.265.0183 (fax)

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