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What's Diane Elson's idea of the democratization of property rights? Esp. the right not to be excluded. Where I live, more commons in all forms are being privatized. Global capital is seeking the privatization of nature in all its (including human-made) forms. Or is she talking about the right not to be excluded from political processes, e.g., hearings, land use decisions, etc.

Could you elaborate the point, "lots of groups in Seattle broke away from Public Citizen's organizing strategy." People from here who went to Seattle organized themselves, with others, to do a job and they got it done. No one even mentioned Public Citizen.

How does a call for an independent politics which can put forth truly independent alternatives add up to the "triumph of self-immobilizing dissensus?" Why should I or anyone else get trapped in the contradictory rhetoric/practice of the unions? Unions represent union members, who excluding the always vibrant public sector (cf Fiscal Crisis of the State), are less than 10 percent of all workers.

How are "Seattleites working on Boeing?"

What are the "eco-socialist ethics?"

Thanks for any help. Jim O'Connor

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