"Heterosexual Marriage"!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Oct 22 10:50:49 PDT 2000

Christopher Susi wrote:

>You might argue the "liberal school system" comment was a back-handed
>remark, but growing up in public school in the early 70's, every memory I
>have is one of "Love your neighbor, Keep the world clean, it's bad to be
>selfish, share share share, love love love" and not one memory of a teacher
>saying "Sometimes you have to be selfish to survive".

Damn liberal teachers. Kids just don't get the proper message about selfishness these days. Why just the other day I read this, from Sally Lee, the editor of Parents Magazine, in the New York Times: "In the last two or three years, there's a sense of let's start raising kids who are not so individualistic. In a bad economy, everyone wants to raise this Horatio Alger. Now we want to raise kids who are good citizens who will help people." Alan G better order up a recession soon to put this altruism thing back in the bottle where it belongs.


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