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> CB: Humans are reputed to be social beings, meaning in contrast to
> other species there is more social intercourse among humans,
> including rescues of the type you mention. However, humans are sort
> of anti-social beings too, in that I don't know of other species that
> go way on the other side of the world and kill millions of their own
> species ( who are not starving) like humans do in wars.

I go in my backyard and see colonies of ants fighting all the time. Maybe they are fighting for food, maybe for territory. To them, my backyard is the world.

> >
> > I think somebody's been spending a little too much time in the
> > libertarian newsgroups . . .
> Anyhow, if you caught my original post, I said I go back and forth on this
> issue and have varying thoughts. I could argue the other way but then I'd
> get 1,000 list members agreeing with me. This way I get to play devils
> advocate and look for arguments I hadn't thought of, or maybe challenge
> others to think in a way they hadn't considered before.
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> CB: Indeed. I am the Devil hisself, and I don't remember asking you
> to advocate for me. Speak for yourself.

Really? So how's your son taking the anti-trust trial?

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