Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Mon Oct 23 14:52:34 PDT 2000

At 01:46 PM 10/23/00 -0700, Miles Jackson wrote:
>function is purely ideological. The belief in the sovereign individual
>who owns stuff is, if I may be dramatic, the psychological lynchpin of
>a capitalistic economic system that systematically transfers wealth
>from the workers to the elite.

That is as obvious as that pope is catholic. I do not understand why anyone is taken seriously the libertarian/individualist claims.

To be a bona fide individualist who owes nothing to others, one must accomplish by solely by oneself, without gratuitous assistance of others, the following: - be conceived - be carried - be deliverd, nurtured and raised - be trained in usefull life tasks such as shitting in the potty instead of the pants or using a language to formulate and communicate ideas - be protected from extreme weather, the elements, and wild animals - be trained in more usefull tasks such as obtaining food, clothing and sheltehr on one's own - take care of oneself when sick

Until that happens, there is no such a thing as a true individualist/libertarian - just a bunch of free-riders and slackers who refuse to pay their dues.


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