Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Oct 23 15:17:22 PDT 2000

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

>That is as obvious as that pope is catholic. I do not understand why
>anyone is taken seriously the libertarian/individualist claims.
>To be a bona fide individualist who owes nothing to others, one must
>accomplish by solely by oneself, without gratuitous assistance of others,
>the following:
>- be conceived
>- be carried
>- be deliverd, nurtured and raised
>- be trained in usefull life tasks such as shitting in the potty instead of
>the pants or using a language to formulate and communicate ideas
>- be protected from extreme weather, the elements, and wild animals
>- be trained in more usefull tasks such as obtaining food, clothing and
>sheltehr on one's own
>- take care of oneself when sick
>Until that happens, there is no such a thing as a true
>individualist/libertarian - just a bunch of free-riders and slackers who
>refuse to pay their dues.

To be fair, your average libertarian would say that it's not interaction with others, or even the social nature of human life, that's at issue, but the conditions under which the social intercourse happens: voluntarily, as in private life or in the market (ha ha), or coercively, as when the state is involved. Voluntary good, state bad.


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