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> Subject: [september26collective] The case for confrontation
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> Why real change will never happen as long as our disobedience is
> submissively civil.
> To the vast majority of those that were there, the actions against the
> and World Bank in Prague in September were a resounding success. Not
> only
> was the scythe of global privatisation, dollarisation and
> misappropriation
> temporarily wrested from the hands of the blood-letters meeting in the
> Prague Conference Centre, S26 saw an international, disparate but
> united,
> revolutionary bloc acting as an organised unit on the streets of the
> Bohemian capital. So why are the loudest shouters in the activist
> community
> (in the loosest sense of the word community) hell-bent on convincing the
> world that the day's actions were a failure?


On the events in Prague, it is also important to note that the conference centre where the delegates were meeting had a Metro station which was operational. Thus, the only possibility of stopping the meeting was to breach the barricades - simply attempting to lock the delegates in was not an option. The use of force was required to make any impact.

I guess this is a rather different idea of what action is about to that which was floating around last year, including in some of the discussions of Seattle. The idea of a protest 'raising issues' has effectively been abandoned, replaced instead with the idea of actions which throw high-profile spanners in the workings of the international capitalist conference circuit. The 'raising issues' stuff then happens as part of the discussion of the actions - on the Net, and off it.

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