it's heating up

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Oct 25 11:49:03 PDT 2000

Dennis Breslin wrote:

>Rather than focusing such much on the Dems, it would seem that
>they represent a relatively bumbling and fumbling defense against
>a several decades long onslaught of a conservative offensive.

Really? I thought they represented its consolidation. When Clinton said in the State of the Union that the era of big government is over, and Gore now promising to shrink government further (except, of course, the military budget, which he wants to expand more than Bush does), what is that but the triumph of Reaganism? Years ago, "Sir" Alan Walters, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, told me that Mrs T's most lasting achievement was the transformation of the Labour Party. The same could be said of Ron and the Dems, though the Dems were probably worse than Labour to start with.


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