LBO = flame city? (was RE: Survivor!)

kelley kwalker2 at
Thu Oct 26 04:16:50 PDT 2000

At 11:44 AM 10/26/00 +0200, you wrote:
>On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, kelley wrote:
> >
> > the equivalent around here used to be "bourgeois liberal" in terms of when
> > it becomes a thread.
> >
>Not even that seems to work - maybe on Lou's list, but not here. Does
>that mean the LBO-talk has changed, and is truly the cesspit of
>anti-communism that it is claimed to be?

i'm confused? is this a flame peter? are you telling me i'm wrong? huh? well FOAD. :) </teasing>

anyway, i am confused as to your meaing. i said *used to be*. i recall that when the list first started it seemed like everyone was being denounced as "bourgeois liberal". i can't tell now because i'm too involved in the list to see it, if it is there at all.

>P.S. had to throw the 'anti-communism' in after a Spart threw the line
>'anti-communist chorus' into an exchange here recently.

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