LBO = flame city? (was RE: Survivor!)

Daniel Davies d_squared_2002 at
Thu Oct 26 07:43:36 PDT 2000

--- Gordon Fitch <gcf at> wrote: > "kelley" <kwalker2 at>:
> > >the equivalent around here used to be "bourgeois
> liberal" in terms of when
> > >it becomes a thread.
> Nathan Newman:
> > No, the harshest it gets (from experience) is
> usually "social imperialist"-
> > there is a hint of fascist accusation there....
> I don't read everything, but I thought the explicit
> association
> of environmentalism and animal-rights politics with
> Naziism
> was the harshest it gets

If we're having a dick-size competition for vicious flames, I have to nominate my discussion with Ken Lawrence on the Nazi Economy, which some may remember ended in the following fashion:

">>Daniel won't trifle
>>to study such texts; hurling insults at me is more

>It certainly is; fuck off."

three inches.


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