It's Heating Up

Tom Lehman TLehman at
Thu Oct 26 18:27:52 PDT 2000

Really, Leo. In New York state what's your best guess on the percent of unionized teachers who are registered Republicans, registered Democrats or registered Independents/other?

Tom Lehman

LeoCasey at wrote:

> << This time since we have a very credible un-endorsed by the AFL-CIO
> candidate running in Ralph Nader. Nader should split or take a majority of
> the union "protest vote" from Bush. This is one hell of a lot better
> situation than Bush
> getting a full un-opposed 30% or more of the union vote. >>
> Say what? I have seen leaps of logic in LBO discussions of electoral
> politics, but this one is up there with the best. Who in their right mind
> thinks that Nader is taking ANY votes from Bush, much less a union vote? If
> there ever was a classic white, middle strata base of support, it is the
> Nader campaign.
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