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Santorum is a real piece of work. Before he got elected to congress in the 80's he had some type of a promotional job with pro-wrestling among other things. I had been up here in Ohio for about a couple of three years when he defeated Democrat Doug Walgren a fairly liberal, but, not real aggressive type guy. Doug is a Dartmouth graduate and a pretty smart fellow who had been running for congress for a long time---even before he was elected in the mid-1970's. Back in the early 70's I tried my best to help the late Dr. Francis MacArdle a very progressive physician and a man who knew how to count.

Lynn Williams our retired USWA international president described Doug's loss to Santorum in terms very flattering to me personally. Although, I think that was a little too kind on Lynn's part---the facts are that when your union base of support gets destroyed as it did in the Pittsburgh area you lose!

After defeating Democrat Doug Walgren, Santorum then went after Democrat US Senator Harris Wofford of the Philadelphia area. Wofford was part of the real Bob Casey mob that I have written about in the past and a friend of the Kennedy family.:o) Although, Wofford may have been a little closer than most to the Kennedy clan, and I understand he has some interesting things to say about JFK's assassination. Basically, Wofford deviated from real Bob Caseyism and got into a more Ted Kennedyesque position on guns and amateur gynecology and got beat. Let's not forget that the Kennedy clan are free traders too!!! Irish Catholic solidarity only goes so far :o) and NAFTA hurt Wofford too.

Ron Klink is Santorum's opponent this time around. Klink is a high school graduate. A former TV weatherman and currently a congressman. He's affiliated with the remains of the old Casey mob and I've read rumors that he does have some fairly progressive and pro-labor views. Klink maybe a bit of an amateur gynecologist---Santorum is a full blown quack gynecologist.


Michael Perelman wrote:

> Senator Kerry was the one for. The Democrat in the race is from my home
> district. He's ultra conservative on abortion. He's probably the only
> Democrat in the state capable of losing this election.
> Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
> > One more point - why is that gun people are associated with the most
> > obnoxious right wing politics?
> >
> > For example, the reactionary PA senator Santorum (originally of Philly
> > suburbs) is running an obnoxious add portraying himself as a defender of
> > 2A. For that reason alone, if the election were held, I would vote against
> > 2A, just to spite the asshole.
> >
> > BTW. Who said "Santorum - is that Latin for 'asshole'?"
> >
> > wojtek
> >
> >
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