NYT on Bush judge appointments

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Mon Oct 30 14:50:24 PST 2000

Wow, this is some devious crap. When did RN say he'd vote for Bush? The distortion of the Roe v Wade quote is sloppy coming from an alleged scholar. And what's this "irresponsible...inflammatory" nonsense? Seems courageous to me, given the standards of American politics.

By the way, fairness dictates I say this: there's a quote making the rounds that looks like Gore's endorsement of Clarence Thomas. In fact, it's taken out of context, from a speech on the Senate floor that was mostly critical. And it's also being claimed by some Naderites that Gore and Lieberman voted to confirm THomas. They didn't. Doug


last one first, I've heard Joe L voted for thomas, and Gore (along with all other Senators) voted for Scalia. Even if true, I don't think this is a very good answer to the Supreme Court thingy.

The 'I prefer Bush' line is from two sources: Outside Magazine and some devious sourcing of a NY Times article. The former says explicitly, "Nader confided that . . . blah blah." The latter drops a Nader quote about J. Watt into a context set by the words of unnamed attendees at a rally. All possibly true, but subject to the criticism I mentioned.


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