my last word on guns in Amerika

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Tue Oct 31 08:59:15 PST 2000

This is the final clarification of my position on the subject:

1. My interest in guns @ weapons is rather marginal - I am much more interested in trains; thus my main concern is the discrimination against trains in Amerika while I remain rather indifferent toward the treatment of guns

2. I believe that excessive government control of people's lives is bad - thus I in principle oppose legal restrictions on guns, mind-alterning substances, or certains forms of consensual sex, unless such restrictions serve a *genuine and legitimate* purpose of protecting the public.

3. For historical reasons, gun ownership has become a fetish and a war cry of certian segments of the Amerikan Right to the point that it is almost impossible to buy a gun without getting the right wing ideology associated with it - vigilantism, government hating, self-righteousness, bunker mentality, machismo, and cockiness. Since I despise right-wingers more than anything else, hence my gut reaction against anything they say: from gun ownership, to abortion, to school prayer, to state rights, to their foreign policy.

I hope this clarifies all misrepresentations of what I have posted on this subject to this list.


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