Bush's abortion

kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Tue Oct 31 10:21:18 PST 2000

At 10:56 AM 10/31/00 -0600, you wrote:
>gosh, you mean g-dub took advantage of his own personal privilege in a
>hypocritical manner? next you'll be saying he used his dad's connections to
>get a slot in the texas air national guard during vietnam.
>could someone explain the fem-liberal mania for this story? i can't imagine
>a more perfect bit of singing to the choir.

haven't paid attention to it, but the push for abortion rights had everything to do with the fact that the wealthy were getting them for decades.

not to mention that NOW is prob still smarting from clinton/lewinsky et al. schadenfreude too (spilling?)

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