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Sat Sep 23 10:26:35 PDT 2000

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> > What about the de-professionalization of the workplace, attributed to the
> > hacker. Take something simple like dress code.

who ever attributed casual fridays and now work weeks to the hacker? the push toward that has been going on for a couple of decades now: tom peters, new managerialism, etc etc. has nothing to do with liberation but with control. mgmt sees this as a new way to control people. see, we're cool! work for us, we let you dress down. check out the mgmt books at your local borders, you'll find this discussion in there. it's dressed up in pretty words about dismantling hierachical systems and replacing them with egalitarian ones, egalitarian systems that are supposed to elicit *greater* PRODUCTIVITY. see? that most of 'em are there now is pure competition. i'll dig out my field notes and transcriptions on dress codes among upper level mgmt and what they think it accomplishes. pretty friggin funny stuff. damn. hmmm. was supposed to write an lbo piece long ago...crap.

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