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<< Thanks for furthering my understanding of Quantum Mechanics. I certainly

respect the expressions of amazement by these scientists at how queer and beyond our ability to suppose queer reality may be. Yet, I can't help but think that at some point in the future, some scientists will solve even these riddles ( only to discover new riddles).

Maybe, or maybe we will have to learn to live with them. I should emphasize that I know of absolutely nothing that raises any doubts about QM, except that it is so bizarre.

> QM does not imply there is no objective reality , does it ? It is not experimental confirmation of Bishop Berkeley or anything , is it ? >>

Well, QM is a bunch of equations. Their interpretation is highly vexed. The equations do not imply any metaphysical view or rule out any such view. But they are difficult to square with ordinary versions of realism. There is a small industry in philosophy of physics that debates this stuff. Unfortunately, to do it intelligently, you need to know enough QM to actually follow the equations. I used to do some of this, although I was more a relativity physics type. Now I forgotten all the QM I knew. --jks

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