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Wed Aug 8 15:05:29 PDT 2001

> Which boomers? There are plenty of us working for unions, defending
> the indigent accused, writing for tiny pubs at low rates of pay. And
> what about the conditions of daily life? Relations between men and
> women are radically different from what they were just 30 years ago;
> ditto the status of sexual minorities. The sold-out boomers had
> something to do with that, no?
======= Like I said, it's hard to make generalizations. It'd be nice if there were more boomers working and voting for unions rather than shopping for SUV's yaddah yaddah and there's plenty of what we all deplore left to 'eradicate' It's the usual contradictory stuff. I saw plenty of mysogeny and subtle racisms in the months leading up to N30 by committed boomer lefties, there's plenty of muleheadedness that we need to get beyond. Let's make the struggle fun, I say...

> I could say that X'ers spent their prime years day trading - or I
> could cite Andrey Slivka's words from last week's NY Press:
> >The dotcom era: a generation's-my generation's-complete
> >to the money culture. This will be the dotcom sector's most lasting
> >contribution to the world, and will be as difficult to extricate
> >from the strands of our civilization, such as it is, as chewing gum
> >is difficult to remove from hair: the concept of a money-culture
> >bohemia.
======== dot.commies gotta eat too and the grab had as much to do with getting the cash in order to quit the system as quick as possible as anything else. On the other hand the real questions are still how to get rid of racism, sexism classism, the stupid labor laws, the war machine, neoclassical economic theory, stupid drug laws, rewrite enviro regs, property rights, tort laws, get a guaranteed annual income for all citizens, navigate the contradictions of striving for full employment with 40 hour maximum work weeks and low inflation and interest rates [how 'bout squashing interest completely], better machines for eliminating drudge work, 'free' college education, cleaner and more inclusive transportation systems, abolishing soap operas and classic rock stations and Fox 'News', male birth control pills, and real cures for depression, baldness, the cold and hangovers. And we should definitely ask the women if they want to get rid of pms and men.


> But it'd be cheap to do that, since there are plenty of X'ers who
> didn't sign on to the money culture.
> Doug

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