WhAnglo Culture Project

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 20 21:14:52 PDT 2001


White + Anglo = WhAnglo RACE IS ETHNICITY DISGUISED AS MELANIN, a political fantasmatic fueled by lust for unitary subjects. Cultural software disguising itself as genetic ROM. The body politic, the dream of perfect alignment between embodiment and culture. Normatively, White & Anglo = the power of the INVISIBLE NORM, a disembodied Kantian vanishing point grounding Renaissance perspective. WhAnglos aren't even white. We run the range from pink to olive. I myself am rose (So take my thorn away; I'm sooo frightened.) To privilege ethnicity over race is to embrace identificiatory indeterminancy, a Heisenburg malt mix of uncertainty, a metaphysical melting pot of semiotic subjectivities that unceasingly recast the parameters of self. YUM! WhAnglo hegemony depends on a ERSATZ MONOLITH that disguises internal differences, and privileges race and English over similarities across melanin and linguistic borders. Like any other body, the WhAnglo Body Politic can be dissected, dismantling its bland monolith:

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