Brown students trash Horowitz

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Mar 20 13:46:58 PST 2001

Dennis wrote:
> > N>
> But surely, Yoshie, this does not excuse what the Brown students did. How
> does this advance their cause?

1. Why does it need an excuse?

2. It gave them something to do, thus contributing to internal solidarity, which is the main object of such actions.

3. It can't enhance racism. Racism grows steadily in the _absence_ of visible black political activity.

4. If it gained anyone for Horowitz's cause that is all to the good. We can do without such obvious racists pretending to be anti-racist.

5. Once again we see the easy assumption of white radicals that their political judgment is automatically superior to any black political judgment.

6. The police power of the state was not invoked in the suppression of speech; hence references to freedom of speech are prima facie evidence of either intellectual slovenliness or racism.


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