US booted off UN human rights body

Carl Remick carlremick at
Fri May 4 04:21:27 PDT 2001

[From today's NY Times]

U.S. Is Voted Off Rights Panel of the U.N. for the First Time

By Barbara Crossette

United Nations, May 3 — In a move that reflected a growing frustration with America's attitude toward international organizations and treaties, the United States was voted off the United Nations Human Rights Commission today for the first time since the panel's founding under American leadership in 1947.

The ouster of the United States from the commission while nations like Sudan and Pakistan were chosen for membership was certain to generate further hostility to the United Nations among conservatives in Washington.

The unexpected move, which came in a secret vote, was apparently supported even by some friends of the United States. The vote also served notice that a bloc of developing nations opposed to American policies is becoming much stronger and more effective, and that Washington can no longer expect to be elected automatically to important panels.

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