Hitchens on Kerrey

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Fri May 4 11:57:39 PDT 2001

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> Christopher Hitchens on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, April 30:
> > COLMES: What's your view on Bob Kerrey?
> >
> > HITCHENS: Of Bob Kerrey? Well, he's my president, in fact,
> > since I teach at the New School, and I think he wouldn't --
> > he wouldn't have made that bad a president. I know him
> > slightly. I like him very much. I -- I think he probably
> > would have done well to decide whether he was going to all
> > three things, and there's a little confusion.
> >
> > But look, none of the people he killed were raped. None of
> > them were dismembered. None of them were tortured. None of
> > them were mutilated, had their ears cut off. He never
> > referred to them as gooks or slopes or afterwards. So it --
> > con -- for one day's work in a free-fire zone in the Mekong....
> Can anyone parse this? Is this some sort of irony?
> Doug
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