Militia movement diminished by McVeigh

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue May 8 08:54:37 PDT 2001

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

>At 09:02 AM 5/8/01 -0400, Charles wrote:
>>Militias on the wane
>> The number of self-described patriot organizations operating in the
>United States has plummeted in recent years.
>It may not be such a good thing. Bubbas who populated these groups have
>not disappeared from the face of the Earth - in all likelihood they went
>back to the Republican Party where they are far more dangerous than in the

Not to be a vulgar economic determinist or anything, but the unemployment rate also fell from an average of 7.5% in 1992 to 4.2% last year. As it creeps higher, "bubba" may take up arms again.


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