Lou Reed Dead/Albright

Ian Murray seamus2001 at home.com
Wed May 9 18:03:44 PDT 2001

> >"Sister Ray" opened the door for thirty years of punk and hip hop. I'd
> argue that, together, Jimi and Lou created the basic vocabulary of
> multinational music, a.k.a. hip hop.
======= Xskweeze me, what about Sun Ra?

> Let's not forget Kraftwerk, who simultaneously paved the way towards disco
> =and= electronica. Light years ahead of their time. Still are. Just like
> the Velvets.
======= ELP...hello...........

> Among other the precursors to punk were the MC5, Stooges, and New York
> Dolls.
============= And Miles Davis. See also, Ra, Sun, above...


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